Yoga Nidra met live muziek:

9 September, 7 Oktober, 4 November, 2 December  
20:00 - 22:00



Yoga Nidra or sleep yoga is a great way to relax and recharge on a deep level. While you are lying down comfortably the guided meditation, supported by live music, will help you to unwind physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga Nidra can help to improve sleep and overall well-being. 

Kitty, yoga teacher and owner of Naar Zee will provide the guided meditation.

Gabriel Morfin, a very gifted musician, will create a beautiful sound current during the whole evening. Last part of this wonderful evening will be a lying down concert. Ready for some magic?


You can book these classes through our website or by sending an email to Naar Zee. post@naarzeeyoga.nl


Naar Zee is an urban oasis, a quiet place in a hurrying world. A good place to slow down and breathe. Come and enjoy the slow vibe and our beautiful view.


For more information about Gabriel Morfin: https://www.gabrielmorfin.com/


 and Kitty: http://www.naarzeeyoga.nl/gezicht-achter-naar-zee.html



Workshop natuurlijke verzorgingsprodukten:

zaterdag 8 september en zondag 16 september 

14.00 - 17.00



Achlem geeft niet alleen heerlijke helende massages bij Naar Zee, zij maakt ook zelf haar massage olie, shampoo, verzorgingsproducten, scrubs en meer.

Alles helemaal natuurlijk met echte shea-boter, olijfolie, argan olie, etherische olietjes en meer.

In september geeft Achlem twee keer een workshop over de geheimen achter al dit heerlijks.

En dan kan je natuurlijk meteen van alles uit proberen.

Doe je mee? 8 en 16 september van 14.00 tot 17.00. Kosten €15,- per workshop.

De workshops zijn los van elkaar te volgen.

Stuur een berichtje naar Achlem als je mee wilt doen: 06-53530481.

Bij Stadsoase Naar Zee natuurlijk! Welkom!




Workshop Qigong:

zondag 23 september


Qigong workshop:

5 Elements Sequence and 6 Healing Sounds.

Qigong is a moving meditation, a dance with energy. In the 5 Elements Sequence each of the five forms relates to the harmony and health of specific internal organs as well as paired emotions to help promote a balanced body, mind and spirit. Healing Sounds are a group of Qigong forms, each practiced in combination with a specific sound and synchronised breathing to create a healing vibration and harmonising frequency in and around the body, helping to cultivate a state of health and happiness. Qigong is similar to Tai Chi but simpler and easier to learn.

It helps calm and focus the mind, as well as mobilise and release tension from the body.

Join Arun at Naar Zee and learn the art of moving into stillness.

Yoga en Meditatie met wisdom keeper Dayu:

zondag 30 september


Dayu heeft als ‘wisdom keeper’ deelgenomen aan de Kiva Roots of the Earth Gathering en geeft voordat ze naar Zwitserland reist nog een bijzondere yoga-meditatie bijeenkomst in Amsterdam. Wil je met haar kennismaken en haar overdracht van meditatieve yoga ontdekken, wees dan welkom bij Naar Zee Yoga.

Wanneer? Zondagavond 30 september, 19 – 21.30 uur Kosten? € 20 – 25 donatie om de workshop mogelijk te maken en het levenswerk van Dayu te ondersteunen

 http://www.dayupurnama.com , http://www.panti-mas.nl 

Aanmelden bij Anneke van Es via annekevanes@xs4all.nl 


Over Dayu Originally from KlungKlung, East Bali, Dayu comes from an old Balinese family of well-known Hindu High-Priests and Healers.

As far back as she can remember, Dayu has had a deep spiritual yearning.

Since early childhood, she’s studied and practiced (on a daily basis) meditation and yoga, which she now shares with others at Pantai Mas – The Spiritual Abode in North Bali.

For Dayu, spirituality is not “floating in the sky”, following strict practices or retreating from daily life and society. In it’s purest form, spirituality is a path of the heart.

A deep personal experience of purification, transformation and the realization that we are part of The Divine. Dayu’s approach to spirituality is in harmony with human nature.

A practicalapproach to loosen the ties that bind and condition us.

Becoming more conscious and attaining the ideal as “a fully-realized human being” and ultimately merging into o The Divine. Spirituality, as lived by Dayu, is a modest life of compassion and service.

A life that’s sensitive to the needs of others, that’s open, accessible and engaged while still living within society. Practical and Mystical. Human and Holy. Society and Spirituality.

All go hand in hand.

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